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Stock Market Investment Competition 

A 2 month long investing simulation where participants can work in teams to develop investing strategies and put them to the test. Winners will be determined based on their profits and strategies..

Financial Literacy guide and weekly newsletters

Curated by our curriculum experts, the Finance4teens Financial literacy guide brings you all the financial jargons and personal finance know how under one roof. Our weekly newsletter keeps you updated with current economic,politicaland financial news personalised and created  just for you. 

Finance4teens Talks 

We bring in financial advisors, experienced investors, activists and industry professionals to speak on a variety of topics ranging from the importance of finance for youth all the way to investing strategies


Finance4teens chapters aim to establish a network of passionate high schoolers across the globe wanting to learn about money management and spread awareness about the importance of financial literacy.

Chapters foster an environment through regular activities, events and project where members collectively expand their knowledge about personal finance and educate their community on similar concepts.

Video lessons and Workshops 

Finance4teens offers numerous financial literacy workshops that cover the different parts of personal money management at no cost. We crafted our curriculum with the intent to create an engaging, interactive, and informative session that incites the importance of money management and helps individuals acquire the financial confidence to make educated financial judgments and decisions. 


With access to publications ranging from investing to behavioural economics, Finance4teens Blog has got you covered with access to various articles and latest news and opinions. 

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